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The good things in life
Dude that party was insane! Three chicks sucked my dick!!
That's so b rolls
by Scandalousck January 15, 2014
Portmanteau of the words bro and troll, since using both can seem redundant.
Person 1: Let's go get food, man.
Person 2: Okay, dude. Save the game in any slot but Slot 1. I played like 200 hours on that game, yo.
Person 1: Save it in Slot 1? Sure!
Person 2: WHAT THE--

Needless to say, Person 1 is a broll.
by Lady Skeph July 11, 2013
To link someone with Justin Bieber's song - Baby as a joke when telling them you want to show them a video. A modern update to the Rick Roll (the song -Never gonna give you up by Rick Astley).
Friend 1: DUDEEEEEE this guy is such a good rapper! he can spit like crazy!

Friend 2: Send me a link man!

Frieend 1:

(inserts justin bieber video link here)

Friend 2: okay lets see...THE HELL IS THIS?!

by yallJUSTgotB'ROLLED January 17, 2011
A male collector of American Girl dolls and accessories derived from the words "Bro" and "Doll" pronounced "Brawl". Adorn in the dress of trench coat and constantly on the phone asking their 'daughter' which one they want. They enjoy the finer points of the product line and history of the girls while keeping about an aire of isolated pride in their shires and collections.
That guy in the heavy duster and stache has broll written all over him. See how he acts like he has a daughter on the phone, but he doesn't. (Deragatory)

Steve: Whoo! Did you hear that John got the table set for Elizabeth.
Tyler: You mean like for their dinning room?
Steve: No man, John's a broll!
Tyler: Sweet!
by Doctor Professor Med. E. Cal. March 05, 2014
A anbreviation of Bread Rolls.
These brolls have seeds in them!
by KingFrancis December 26, 2010
A verb which is used to when taking ecstasy (to "roll") with your "bros".
Hey man, my girlfriend and I were planning on taking ecstasy together but she just broke up with me and I haven't taken ex in a while, want to just broll all night and give each other light shows?
by Rif Raf 420 March 14, 2010
When all your bros are rolling other gangs/bros
Mate look at those nerds ova there, lets go broll them
by Steppo June 23, 2009