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One step below A-Okay, meaning not perfect, but you're alright.
Eddie: Hey Karen, how are you?

Karen: I'm B-Okay.
by ChioBam March 19, 2009
A synonym for "OK" in the underground music scene. Coined by the character "DJ Dynasty Handbag" from the "Saturday Night Live" sketch "Deep House Dish."
Coolguy A: It's time to get going, bokay?

Coolguy B: Babsolutely.
by jea2000 October 05, 2009
A ghetto ass way of saying "okay"
Black girl "Yo boo, where da pussy products at?"
White girl "umm in isle 3"
Black girl "BOKAY"
by UncookedBacon February 27, 2016
Synonymous with "okay" or "sure", but implying "obviously" or "duh". Typically preceded by "Ummm... ".
Trey: Hey Chad, I've got an extra free ticket to the Gaga concert. Wanna come?
Chad: Ummm... bokay!
by D-Roons November 10, 2013
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