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To have five or more of the following qualities:
1. To be homosexual or meterosexual.
2. Have more girlfriends than boyfriends.
3. Wear two or more sweatshirts at a time.
4. Get your nails done or get a massage on a weekly basis.
5. Use the words "super" and "fab".
6. Use your laptop to take notes as opposed to handwrtiting.
7. Work at Starbucks.
8. Have a license plate with your name on the back.
9. Drink Frappachinos every morning.
10. Get super excited about the new Sex and the City movie.
Galfriend: Hey B-Fry, were having a G.N.O. Were gonna get our nails done and then were going to watch Uptown Girls!

B-Fry: Oh hell yes sister! That would be superfab!
by tyty332 May 30, 2008
spoken slang short for "best friend," often used by gay men and their girlfriends
OMG, so are we like b-fries now?
You're my b-fry for life!
by jacobcasino October 29, 2008
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