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conjunction of 'bad ass'. the feeling of being b'dass. something that is b'dass. having a b'dass attitude. use it in school when your teacher is a stuck up bitch and doesn't allow you to say ass.
So how's that rock n'roll music going? B'dass
look how B'dass Anthony looks today.
you know what would be b'dass?
by Shoebabe May 03, 2010
Something so amazing and Bad ass that you are too excited to say the first "A."
"Man, Chuck Norris is so (Bdass), it breaks my optic nerve to even watch Walker, Texas Ranger!"
by Casper Von Drunkenstein April 11, 2009
balls, dick and ass, used to describe the social atmosphere of a location or a smell.
there's nothin but a bunch of bdass in that house
by Blane Sandwick September 11, 2005
contraction of "bad ass"
Steve drank a case of Bd'ass this morning
by P.Milla October 08, 2003
A wicked combo of Bad & ass, Without the first "a".
Usually used to describe something Really Cool.
Kid #1: That fool just nailed a Triple Back flip on ATV fury 2.
Kid #2: No way, How Bdass!
Kid #3: Fuckin Homos'.
by Ruba-dub-dub January 24, 2008
this word is a kin to bad ass just shorter and lazier some times it can aven be cooler
person a: "hey did you see paul kick that emo kid in the face"
Person b: "ya it was b-dass"
by wodin May 07, 2008
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