Ship-name, Booth&Brennen of a tv show called Bones.
B&B are the best couple on Bones! I can't believe you don't like them.
by YuvalMonster May 26, 2013
An acronym for "Bullshit and Blasphemy". Used when one doesn't agree with an opinion or statement. Indicates that another's opinion is complete bullshit, a fallacy, a lie, etc.
Matt: Creationism needs to be taught in EVERY school as an alternative to evolution.

Chris: B&B.
by Nutterbutterz October 04, 2009
Booze and Blaze entertainment is a two man experimental hip hop group from atlanta ga
have you had your daily dose of B&B today?
by K rex July 14, 2008
Bag and baggage. you gettin' relased from jail right now!!!
Hey Trish, B&B!!! ya babydaddy bonded you out!!!
by mary torres October 01, 2006
1. B&B is the codename for Bitches and Brews, it is always usefull when your in the public, and you do not want to reveal what you are saying, so you use this term hence B&B

2. B&B is also used when you dont really wanna go to some persons house for a party but then u think back "if theres B&B.... im down"

it makes everyones life easier
jimmy- "yo i dont think i wanna go to tommys house tonight"

timmy- "jimmy even if you dont like the kid, there still will be B&B's"

jimmy- "hmmmm... you have a good point Cernal"
by Hank Oswalt July 27, 2006
It's a gang of kids who chill together, and fuck shit up together . The B&B stands for "Berettas and Bandanas".
What you know about B&B ?.....
by funnypants June 20, 2006
Bevis and Butt-head

Those crazy ass cartoon sons a bitches.
(BUTT-HEAD)Shut up dillweed before i kick your ass.
(BEVIS)hehehe. Kick my ass. KOOL
by spank the spincter muscle February 12, 2004
Broilded And Buttered. Canned mushrooms that have been broiled in butter.
My favorite snack is a can of B&B, just open it up, slap it in the micro and shit, thats some good eatin'.
by Curtis Mayfield September 21, 2003
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