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The worlds best BitTorrent client.
Includes the possibility of downloading the file you want out of a multiple-file torrent.
And won't let you be a friggin good-for-nothing leecher, minimum 5kb/s upstream, or your downloads get CAPPED!
"Man, i just downloaded ONE file out of a HUNDRED file torrent with Azureus the other day! And it went REAL fast too!"
by viddeh June 25, 2004
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Possibly the best p2p file sharing program of all time, feeds of of the Bittorrent network but allows you to make multiple downloads and uploads. Also is much more customizable than BT.
Dubya: Dude wered you get all those leet movies on your comp?

Jason: I downloaded them all last night using Azureus!!
by Sangre Viento May 18, 2005
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A memory hog. UTorrent totally owns it.
Jesus christ, Azureus is hogging my memory to hell! Why couldn't i have downloaded UTorrent!?
by skrewi lui September 24, 2007
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the biggest piece of shit software ever written.
crashes all the time, too slow, and too heavy.
fuck azureus, and fuck java. you too microsoft.
azureus crashes once you get a decent speed.
by GOD May 06, 2005
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