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The quite but out going girl. She is beautiful in every way and is one of a kind. Azreen is every girls dream best friend.
Azreen is Always Their For You
by MLO&NMV September 16, 2012
A stunning, ambitious woman with a heart of gold. She's caring, and makes for the perfect wife. She's humorous and can make you laugh in your worst days. Fancied by all men, she is a great lover and everyone wants to be her significant other. Other girls may be jealous of her due to her appeal and good nature. She's got an exceptional body, and an even finer booty. She's got alluring eyes and luscious hair. That girl is genuine with superb taste in music, loves and is great at sports. A go-getter, advice giver, and great listener, she's the ideal friend. She's been in love and her hearts been broken, but that can be fixed with time and patience. She's everything you'd ever want in a girl, a wife, a mother, and a best friend.
I love Azreen, so I'm going to put a ring on her and marry her.
by halleberryorhallelujah April 13, 2015
Azreen is a brilliant girl who makes her parents proud. She is funny and easy to laugh with. She is extremely hot and loves men almost as much as men love her. She can be cute at times but is sexy all around. If you leave her, she will remember you for months on end.
I wish I was an Azreen.
by halleberryorhallelujah April 08, 2015
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