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Aylmer, Quebec, Canada is one of the best towns in all of the region. When it comes to the place to be, Aylmer beats its neighbors, Gatineau, Hull, Chelsea, Wakefield, Buckingham and Masham. This is due to an enormus percentage of youth. Aylmer is known to throw the biggest and best parties. Aylmer is also very popular because of the lack of police, the scenery (beach, nature), and due to the fact that you can walk onto pretty much any street corner and buy drugs. People from Aylmer have a lot of pride in their town, which makes people from neighboring towns intimidated and jealous.
"Come to Aylmer to party, stay in Aylmer to party some more"

"There is a party in Aylmer this weekend"
by L* April 18, 2006
Aylmer is a town in Quebec across the river from Ottawa. It is a place that is so boring and lame that the only thing you can do is drink and do coke.

Attractions include:
The Marina, A McDonald's, Tim Hortons (The major hangout/dealer spot), and various crack houses.

Aylmer is also home to one of the bigger St.Jean Baptiste parties, which includes all the above as its high points.
-Person A "Man, Aylmer sucks"
-Person B "Yep, can't Spell GAY without AY"
by Hater0396 August 07, 2008
Aylmer is a small, mostly english speaking, town in Quebec across the river from Ottawa. Home to many arsonists. Most kids who live here aren't educated. Overall, a boring town where people lose at life. Things to see in Aylmer: a marina, a Mcdonalds and a Blockbuster video.
Hi. I'm in...Aylmer.
by boboo May 04, 2006
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