it means "what the fuck did you just say?" or can mean "what?"
Ged: Hey Laura, wanna come suck my nob?

Ged: sarah wanna come suck my nob?
by tara banana May 27, 2004
Australian Slang: An abbreviation of the word "hey", sometimes used as an emphasizer at the end of a sentence. Most common in Queensland, particularly the north.
Bruce: What did you do today Bruce?
Bruce: I went to the pool ay!

Bruce: Ay Bruce!
Bruce: Ay! Howsit?
by lucas November 06, 2004
if attached to any name successfully, can be defined as a grievous curse of gayness. such gayness refers to humping monstrous looking women, claiming one is the shit with no evidence, and/or a pervertedness that can only be relieved through rigorous masturbation to midget porn, starring most likely ernay and chiemmay.
ernie = ernay
chiem = chiemmay
by guns and butter August 16, 2004
a Canadian filler word used in different situations
to grab attention more slightly or to ilicit a response. It is also used as a question mark a little after a question is asked.
1.This guy looks real drunk ay?
2.Ay check this fool out

some real hard core Canadians will even use it in the place of can you repeat that, holding the word ay a little longer in a guestioning tone ie: aayyy?
by ekowwilson September 27, 2006
a word used to catch somones attention when you have no clue what the persons name is even though you have known them for a couple or more years.
AY you, we gonna go to the sausage fest for our 50th anniversary?
by sketter November 16, 2007
1. Aaaaah! 2. Ouch! 3. What the hek!
Ay!what you hit me for!
by Rocky November 24, 2003
something you shout, then the people around you say it in response.
does not have to be in unison.
person: AYYYY!
group: AYYYYYY!
person: AYYY!
group: *silent*
one member in group : SHUT DOWNNN OHHH BURN

by cows go moo November 25, 2006

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