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a word used to show extreme excitement or enjoyment, often when having fun with friends
"Hey Billy Bob wanna go cow tippin'?"
by JCasti January 24, 2010
An expression to identify yourself with Alex Carpenter's (of The Remus Lupins) 'wolfpack'.
Alex: Hey Wolfpack, good friday. It's the 18th day of veda. Awoo!
by Awooooooo! April 21, 2011
to follow by one's side; to join in, tag along; to come/go with (used in Shakespeare's play 'Othello')
Yesterday, I went a-wooing with my friends, and we decided to go the mall.
by applejax.son November 28, 2009
1. A person who is totally beastly (amazing).
2. A common pharse used when a person wiht a nckname walks into a classroom
3. The act of doing something funny that you think about later in 7th period and chuckle.

see salad- not the sexual act.
1.Thanks for that myspace comment. It was so A Woo
2. Here he/she comes... A-Woo!!!!
3. That girl in my art class is a riot! She is so A Woo.
by collegebound December 01, 2006
Used to respond to a stupid statement, lame attempt at a joke or rambling story with no direction.
Lame friend: "I'm gonna get laid tonight"

You: "Awooooo!"
by Martin Manning January 08, 2004
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