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The new "hip" thing to say in a Facebook status update. Wildly used out of context by students and young English people in an attempt to stand out from all the everyday statuses that appear on the proverbial news feed.
CORRECT example. "That awkward moment when you're facing an old flame/work colleague on a train/bus and attempting to avoid eye contact."

WRONG example. "That awkward moment when you realize you've woken up late for a lecture"

That's not awkward, that's just laziness.
by Sgwarnnog March 09, 2012
Moments that occur whenever I open my mouth for more than two minutes.
A: So, what time is it?
Everyone else: -Stares in abject shock.-
A: Umm...I just asked what time it was.
A: ...That was...awkward.
by Ralph March 22, 2005
When you insult the wrong person.
GIRL: Do you like this purse?

FRIEND: No, that's really ugly. The designer has no talent.

GIRL: I made it for my mother.

FRIEND: Oh.................I know. I was just joking.

GIRL: Nice try, but that was still an awkward moment.
by monica5895 May 30, 2011
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