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A word that PepeEsGallante tweets about too much.
#awksalsa isn't defined on urbandictionary yet. Someone should define it. Just saying. #shittypickle
by foreveralonecali August 25, 2011
A word @PepeEsGallante came up with on BlogTV. Derives form the popular phrase awk and awksauce. Basically means the same thing, just in better terms.
"Dude, what happened last night?"
"I can tell you one thing-- it was definitely an awksalsa moment."
by mmurphs August 25, 2011
Awkward; similar to "awksauce" but less mainstream.
Originated from PepeEsGallante or Penelope.
Dude, I forgot to make that anonymous. #awksalsa
by Awksalsa August 25, 2011
Pepe AKA Penelope from youtube.com/pepeesgallante uses this word to describe an awkward moment, usually when he goes on blogtv. He also wanted #awksalsa to be a trending topic on twitter, therefore having the blogtv viewers tweet it!
good morning. i can taste the #awksalsa from this tweet because i know a lot of people have school but im still on summer vacation :D
by xnicoleeeee August 25, 2011