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2009; Middle English, Jawsumtaztikabulose, introduced into the English language by the semi-famous designer and illustrator Jay Miles Griffin (Know amoung the art community of the Eastern United States as Griffin-Jay).

1. conceived or appearing as if conceived by an unrestrained imagination; unbelievable and remarkable; god-like; unimaginably beautiful: awesometasticabulous length, girth, and stamina; awesometasticabulous sexual ability.

2. incredibly great or extreme; exorbitant: Jay's penis is defined as awesometasticabulous by all women who have seen it.

3. Slang . extremely impressive to the point of near disbelief: That penis of Jay Griffin's is beyond awesometastic, it's down right awesometasticabulous.

Related forms
awe-some-tastic-abulous-ly, adverb
awe-some-tastic-abulous-ness, noun
awe-some-tastic-abulous-tic, adjective
awe-some-tastic-abulous-ti-cal-ly, adverb
Famous Quotes:
"...and after ten years of trying to sleep with the artist Jay Griffin, I finally was able to, and the only way I can describe the twelve hours of non-stop astounding sex that he administered to me is awesometasticabulous! I've never had so many orgasms in my entire life!" - Christina Ricci

"...He described it to me as awesometasticabulous, but I had no idea what he meant until he pulled it out and showed it to me. He was right. Griffin's cock is definitely, without a doubt, awesometasticablous!" - Milla Jovovich

"...but I lost count after about 7 hours of female extended multiple orgasm syndrome (F.E.M.O.S.), and all I can say is that Griff's sexual abilities are the only thing on this planet that can truely be defined as awesometasticabulous." -Elizabeth Shannon
by ATrueBeliever September 30, 2011
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