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When the proper dosage of an asshole and an awesome coincide. Allowing all the planets of asshole to align with the planets of awesome in your galaxy of a Friday Saturday night, sometimes Thursdays too.

Simply put, an awesome asshole.
"That guy is such an aweshole! He talked to my girlfriend all night, gave her his number, then proceeded to buy me drinks"

"Is that guy in green man? What an aweshole."

Aweshole - Thomas Jefferson, Ricky Bobby, Kenny Powers, Charlie Day, Arty Lang, Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods,.

Not an Aweshole- Christopher Columbus, Kathy Griffin, Bill O'Reilly. Hipsters and scenesters, and gypsters. Andrew Serry
by Scottd.Lounge, RyanChadwick April 13, 2010
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Adj. When something is obviously not awesome, or when something is obviously really awesome.
This picture is aweshole. i love it. it sucks. i hate it. it's great.
by MARK March 07, 2005
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when your anus is dripping supurflous liquids
ugh the aweshole is coming from my aweshole, it's fucking aweshole...
by turkish March 20, 2005
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