awad a overweight person whos desicves steal people phones to give to over peolple also has a very annoying voice he like to eat cottage cheese and pretends he not friend with rishi or tani but just follow them about he so stupid he for him eveything is in his locker
AwadelKourbani Why do u steal my phone said tim
I dont know ........ its in my locker
by Tin kan man April 15, 2005
Top Definition
The Alphamale of the society! Angelic Looks, Charming as it can get, chick hunter, and you bet he can give you the best night of your life!
Awad, you sexy beast!
by mr.niceguy128 February 20, 2012
A scholar of Sheffield Hallam University. Can be found in his natural habitat practicing Haram activities such as GAMBLE-ing, smoking the sheesha, or playing on slot machines in Hollywood bowl.
Woah, look at that Awad, he's a right Harami - allah allah
by Coolkid94 March 19, 2013
n. like a-hole, but less offensive.
Big Oil. What a bunch of a-wads.
by Dr. Otto Botte November 10, 2010
A person who likes to rape Daniel On, Myles Torres, and ESPECASIALLY: Danny Polio, he will always play xbox and sometimes even rapes it. He is a homo who has an aim bot on MW2 As he rapes Paul and Christain Hernades. He also likes it up the butt
I really want to Awad Daniel on
by Linkfreaawad May 31, 2011
a spastic white girl who thinks she is ghetto
Look at that awad over there with the cornrows. shooot, that girl thinks she's black.
by kimberly December 16, 2003
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