"Ah Shit!" "You're Kidding me!"
A friend replied "aw snap!" as his boys described the fight they was in.
by SKYMAN June 20, 2003
This can be used as if you have forgotten something.
Aw snap! I was supposed to go pick up my momma from work 3 hours ago.
by MsDonDadda June 20, 2003
1. oh yeah!
2. damn!
"you dont remember tupac?"
"aw snap! he dat nigga got smoked by suge"
by lbdcs June 23, 2003
oh-shit, i f*CKED UP
aw snap i shoved it in and she started to cry
by Charlie June 21, 2003
oh shit
Aw snap, kandis got a job
by Kandis June 19, 2003
stupid ass thing said by stupid ass people llistening to stupid ass rap
aw snap that new snoop song was tight!
by bob June 27, 2003
when you diss some loser's mother
person1: "yo mommas so fat when she jumped on the rainbow, skittles came out!"

person2: "aw snap!"

loser: "stop makin fun of my mom!"

person1 + 2: "shut up loser"
by Anonymous June 20, 2003

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