Aw snap is used when something goes wrong, such as if there is a Fight and someone just got "told".
You say:I Love you Kira
She says:I Don't love you
I say: Aw Snap!
by xGarthx January 14, 2010
Less profane equivalent of 'oh shit.'
'Aw snap, I broke another needle.'
by Matt C. June 20, 2003
this is basically an alternative to "damn it" and it usually means something has gone terribly wrong
aw snap, they stole my undies and strung them up the flag pole again....
by Sasha June 27, 2003
An exclamation denotating excitment and/or suprise.
When Judy showed her mother Maria her new tongue ring, Maria promptly said "Aw snap, girl."
by James Picardo June 24, 2003
expression when something bad happens
Aw snap I burned my hand
by Anonymous June 21, 2003
A less-insulting variant of "Oh Shit!"
I lots all my money today. Aw snap!
by Anonymous June 18, 2003
an expression of shock or amazement
Aw Sanp... Did you see that shit.. My man got his whole head up to his ears in that girl
by El Donko Deluxo June 27, 2003

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