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aw shit
aw snap, that nigga got a bangin' ride
by Liso June 19, 2003
2 8
Something you say before you go to the Macaroni Party (which itself happens before you take a nap).
Aw snap; aw snap; come to the macaroni party and then take a nap.
by OttawaLawyer August 20, 2011
82 18
An expression that is the equivalent of saying "Oh damn!" It's so lame that it's funny.
Something Anthony Kiedis would say if he was eating Peking duck and suddenly was interrupted.
by Graham Brooks October 14, 2004
86 38
A phrase you say when something either goes terrible wrong or right.
1. Ay yo son did you just see that! That boy just took that guys rims! Aw Snap!
2. Man I just got an 1600 on the SAT's! Aw snap!
by Anna D. June 19, 2003
54 22
1) an alternative to "aw damn," "aw shit," etc.

2) a term used when one makes a mistake or is part of an unfortunate incident
"We have to take the SATs today! Did you study?"
by DarkMatter October 10, 2004
30 9
It's what Google Chrome Webbrowser displays when a web-page load crashes unexpectedly.
Aw Snap!

Something went wrong while displaying this webpage. To continue please Reload or go to another page
by sfisk March 27, 2010
26 8
an interjection usually said after a witty retort (can also be replaced with "damn someone just got told")
person 1: "you ugly"
person 2: "yo mama"
person 2's homeboy: "aw snap"
by xtine June 18, 2003
31 13
see Aww Shit
Aw snap! That bitch just got smacked!
by Morgan Gore June 19, 2003
12 6