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7 definitions by xtine

an interjection usually said after a witty retort (can also be replaced with "damn someone just got told")
person 1: "you ugly"
person 2: "yo mama"
person 2's homeboy: "aw snap"
by xtine June 18, 2003
A woman's rough nipple after breast feeding for a long period of time.
that girl had some serious jerky nipples.
by Xtine January 06, 2014
(pl n.)

1. gangster MFer beyond belief
2. one who says f*** or sh*t atleast twice in one sentence
3. sexy beast
4. the boy blasts 50cent at 3 am
5. proud owner of a fine kickable//slapable ass
on the phone with toshiba:
%@!&&#%^!$^&#(*&^!@$%!!@^#....dell is better bitch
by xtine March 31, 2005
(adj) describing something that has a homosexual resemblance (mainly in males)
"That way he hugged him was fru fru"

"His shirt makes him look fru fru"
by xtine June 18, 2003
(n). A slutty girl.
"Wow Taryn's SUCH a rotten cherry!"
by xtine April 03, 2004
boob is another word for boon
sarag is a boon holder
by xtine January 18, 2004
A city in Pennsylvania that is predominantly inhabited by natives, or college students. All others are probably passing through. The weather is crappy pretty much all of the time, and the sky is always the color grey. Whatever culture Pittsburgh does have is well hidden and not easily accessible. Pittsburgh is lame, and makes people depressed.
Pittsburgh used to be a town full of steel mills. Look, you can still see all of the soot in the sky.
by xtine January 11, 2005