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A very unique name, most people will probably mispronounce it. A smart, caring person. Does not judge easily, and can keep a secret. Mischievous at times, but still lovable.

Most Avram's are either Indian, Middle Eastern, or Asian. You barely find white people with this name. The name derives from the name Abraham, which means "To have many children." So you'll probably find this guy with 15 kids rolling down the block.
Avram: Hi, I'm Avram.
John: Abram?
Avram: No, Avram.
Bob: Aberiam?
Avram: No! It's Avram!
Teacher: Kids, I think it's spelled A-V-E-R-Y-A-M
Avram: God damn it...
by SourPatchJellyBeans November 13, 2011
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a person who lives in kentucky who is very smart and also can be used as a name for your baby so when it grows up people cant pronounce its name.

Common mispronounciatins of this word can be:
avraim, avaram, abraham, aram, aramiava, averiem, abra, avreium and so on.
My name is avram.
I cant beleive you named your kid avram.
by irot1 March 01, 2008
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The name Avrams is a Greek name derived from Avramopolis meaning "The Gods knew what they were doing when they created this perfect man". And some earlier definitions described Avrams as " Boy, GOD sure played favoritism with this hunk of burning Macho Man". But it is more currently understood as: a blessed man of GOD, a man whom holds good fortune, and last... A man whom all women want to hook up with even if its just a one night stand.
by spaggigled March 08, 2011
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