1) River in England - Shakespeare's birthplace, Stratford-upon-Avon, is on the banks of this river.

2)Door-to-door cosmetics firm.

3) US-based paperback book publisher

4) The amoral antihero of the last two seasons of the British TV series Blake's 7, who became the main character when Blake was written out at the end of season 2.
2) Ding-dong, "Avon calling!"
by The Lone Magpie May 06, 2005
Top Definition
Preptown, USA. Don't come to Avon, there's nothing here but preps and strip-malls.
Kid 1: Where do you live?
Kid 2: Avon
Kid 1: Oh, I'm sorry.
by that one girl February 25, 2004
a brand of cosmetics, exfoliating lotions and beauty care stuff, that mexican ladies go around selling to their relatives friends, and strangers. its an alright brand , its eyeliners are prety okay , for 2 dollars, and most lotions have a nice smell people will remember you by.
my mom, aunt, cousin, neighbor and sister sell avon.
#lotion #cosmetics #acne #women #lipstick #eyeliner
by keyboardpenny July 19, 2008
An acronym for Anal, Vaginal, Oral and Nasal. Can be in any order.
Bro 1: Hey man so was that girl you hooked up with last night a freak?
Bro 2: Oh yeah, we did full blown AVON.
#anal #vaginal #oral #nasal #avon
by Someguy86 December 12, 2013
A river that runs through Christchurch, New Zealand. In New Zealand it is considered a national joke, as the Avon River is a common dumping ground for dead bodies, especially prostitutes, which can be found on Manchester Street, near the bridge that crosses the Avon River.
As used recently in the Roast of Mike King: "...a man who's career is deader than a hooker floating down the Avon."
#christchurch #prostitutes #manchester street #avon river #burial grounds
by Petey-pop-tart December 21, 2010
Misconceived as one of the richer towns in Connecticut. It's not. It's only number 12 or something. It's an alright place to grow up - but most people plan on getting out as soon as possible.
Avon is a town just like yours - it's no big deal.
#avon #ct #connecticut #divo #rich
by Aalllliiee August 23, 2006
A rude, disrespectful girl.
Someone who goes after older guys than her age.
his aunt came in and asked her a simple question .

Sandy: How old are you?
Avon: Old Enough.
Sandy: (In her head)Wow she is rude.
#dumb #disrespectful #immature #young #retard
by freakyyyxx December 21, 2008
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