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A river that runs through Christchurch, New Zealand. In New Zealand it is considered a national joke, as the Avon River is a common dumping ground for dead bodies, especially prostitutes, which can be found on Manchester Street, near the bridge that crosses the Avon River.
As used recently in the Roast of Mike King: "...a man who's career is deader than a hooker floating down the Avon."
by Petey-pop-tart December 21, 2010
A street in the CBD of Christchurch, New Zealand, well known for it's prostitutes. Frequented by seedy old men, murderers, and pranking teenage boys. The prostitutes on Manchester Street are pretty feral, and will often give chase. Especially to cars when the traffic lights are read.
Many teenage boys drive down Manchester street at night, yelling things at the hookers. One such time, I overheard somebody yell out "Did you cook me some dinner before you went to work, Mum?" Two hookers chased the car down the street, and one threw a bottle at it.
by Petey-pop-tart December 21, 2010

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