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a really cool guy who can get any girl he wants when he wants but pretends to be shy and awkward so he doesn't make the other guys jealous (mostly nathan)
Aviv came up with the ideas for Beavertales.
by TEN! March 06, 2004
a very sexy and sweet girl who can get any guy she wants but is very loyal.she has a huge ass and tits and everything works out for her.shes amazing!
Damn! that girl is an aviv!

If only every girl was an aviv i'd tap that ass!
by Ryannnnnnnnnn3 August 18, 2011
a guy/jew who has a crush on a women with an 8 inch neck and has taken it in the bum from the dizzler
aviv took it well the other day, he didnt squeel or anything.
by 5+5 March 07, 2004
the event of anal bumsex performed by 2 transexuals whom both insert their sex rods into the ass of another male
oh dude you got avived
by 2+2+2+2+2 April 15, 2004
Aviv is a guy with an awesome personality. Although he might seem shy, he can get plenty of girls with his confidence. His best friend is either a Jack or a Cameron.
Wow, Aviv is so handsome!
by OhmygoshMaggie April 06, 2016
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