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A beauty who is loved by many. She is a strong person who doesnt need a boy/man in her life. Beautiful inside & out. The girl who is quiet, but talks when she has something to say. The girl at the table who is funny, but doesn't need to try. She has dark brown hair and brown eyes. Talented, beautiful, kind-hearted, & the bestest friend someone could possibly have. She's not one to brag, but she's thankful and giving. She appreciates all the small things in life. Sometimes she's insecure, but doesn't show it because she just wants everyone around her to be happy. She often puts others before her. Many people are unappreciative of her & she knows, but she doesnt do anything about it.. Because those who mind don't matter and those her matter don't mind.
Bestfriend: I'm so lucky to have an Avie in my life.
Girl: I wish Avie was my best friend.
Boy: Only if I was good enough for Avie.
Boy2: I would do anything to have an Avie.
Boy3: Avie is simply amazing.
by NotD April 27, 2013
Sometimes used to refer to a user's avatar (virtual representative) in online virtual worlds such as Second Life. Other common expressions for an avatar include AV, av, and agent (not slang).
Woah! My avie's hair hasn't rezzed yet.
by SandraL September 05, 2006
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