when you act like a retarded person for a long period of time; stepping into your retarded avatar
Tony:What are you doing
Jim:Im avatarded
Tony:Please leave
by Eeshie D 123 January 17, 2011
To act of getting very stoned with the intention of seeing James Cameron's Avatar. They are so fucked up that they believe they are on Pandora and "almost died" like a million times . Being so overwhelmed by the amazing spectacular environment in the theatre, in combination with the pot or any other drug will make the person retarded... Or in this case Avatarded.
Dave: Yo, what do you want to do we have a couple of hours to kill.

Steve: Lets go get fucked up and go see Avatar in 3D-Max

Dave: Dude, we're gonna be so Avatarded.
by Redford0789 March 09, 2010
It is when you get really drunk or high and go see Avatar in IMAX 3D.
Guy #1: "Hey man, what did you do this weekend?"

Guy #2: "Yo man, I went and saw Avatar again!! Only this time I was completely Avatarded! Trust me, it was way better the second time."
by AvatardedKing January 10, 2010
To go see the James Cameron movie Avatar under the influence of marijuana or another substance.
"Do you have any reefer? I wanna get avatarded tonight."
by Julesskoolz January 03, 2010
A mixture of the words 'Avatar' and 'retarded'.(Retarded in the sense of being culted/brainwashed by the Avatar® Course).

"Sweetheart, you sound very weird after doing the Avatar® Wizard Course. Do you really believe you are possessed by ghosts? It seems you are Avatarded!".
by Ronald R.J. Cools January 14, 2008
The sort of indiocy that people get up to when they're hiding behind the anononymity of a virtual persona, typically in arguments, or attempts at starting arguments, in chat rooms or internet forums.
"The starship Enterprise can beat the Millenium Falcon any day." - captain kyrk
"Dude, that's the most avatarded thing I've heard all day"-kingfysher
by kingfysher April 25, 2008
When you meet someone and you expect them to look like their avatar. And they don't.
"Yeah, I met her the other day...."
"Totally avatarded"
by drew olanoff August 20, 2007

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