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A really pretty girl with a wonderful personality. Usually a blonde with beautiful colored eyes, tall, and loves to play. As a teenager Avalyn will be a sassy diva with a fierce image. Avalyn usually are flirty girls and love to cheer and do girly things. But when you get on this sweethearts bad side it's not so good. Better watch out because here comes Avalyn!!!
Avalyn is such a diva!
by Thotsondeck July 15, 2014
Avalyn is a beautiful girl. She is usually blonde, tall and confident. She's a natural athlete who is not the one to brag. She is humble when she is successful. She is absolutely halarious and a goofball. Funny and cute without trying. She looks great all the time and has adorable little habits. She doesn't believe you when ever you compliment her. Compliment her and it raises her self esteem even though she doesn't really believe you. A really good friend who truly cares about your feelings and will only talk about hers if you are close with her or you ask about them. She is a strong person who is independent and adventurous. She enjoys meeting new people and company of both people and animals. She has a passion for animals and travel.
Avalyn is so confident and caring
Damn look at Avalyns legs
Avalyn cares about my feelings and is detonated to having strong relationships.

Avalyn is gorgeous and doesn't even know it
by ...jay July 04, 2015
A big girls blouse who idles in #Wireplay on QuakeNet
<Avalyn> bugger off hippy

<Avalyn> ???
<Avalyn> ?!?

<Avalyn> damnit
by FiRe November 18, 2004

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