A combination of snowballing and soggy waffle, in which a large group of males gather together and seek to deposit seminal fluid into a third party's mouth. The last male to do so must receive the "avalanche" back from the third party via mouth to mouth contact.
The rookie football kicker was avalanched at the first team party of the year. The quarterback lost.
by the landsharker October 22, 2006
1. verb- when a locker is stuffed so full of books, athletic equipment, clothes or anything else, that opening it would result in the entire locker contents falling on the locker owner
"Be careful, or all those books will avalanche on top of you."
by faerygirl956 March 28, 2006
An Avalanche is a extremely large herd of white people.
Dam nigga its a Avalanche in dis bitch
by Mealy September 08, 2007
when you ejaculate on someones upper forehead and it rolls down their face like snow down a mountain
My Avalanche rolled down her face right into her mouth.
by Jason Brivens September 27, 2005
A an extremely large bump of Coke, K, or Crystal
Johnny tipped the jar and left an avalanche of K on my hand sending me into outerspace.
by Lee D June 24, 2006
Sexual act in which the dude blows his load on the girls tits and proceeds to lick it up. Chest resembles mountaints covered in snow. Related to snowball
Mark gave Laura the avalanche and it really freaked her shit out.
by Adam March 21, 2005

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