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the practice of eating oneself. Minor Examples include: Fingernail-biting that develops into fingernail-eating is a form of pica. Other forms of pica include the compulsion of eating one's own hair. Forced self-cannibalism as a form of torture or war crime is not uncommon.
In the film Spaceballs, one character named Pizza the Hutt (a parody of Jabba the Hutt) is revealed to have committed autocannibalism while locked in his car with no other food sources.
by Colonel Chicken McNugget October 04, 2009
Similar to cannibalism, the act of eating other people. Auto-cannibalism is the act of eating yourself.
john: "i have this problem, i cant stop eating my own fingers."

Bill: "well, that sounds to me that you suffer from auto-cannibalism."
by jumanicus August 22, 2010
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