1)The fukin As$wh0!e who will brake your heart A MILLOIN FU!CKING TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2) A really cute blond whith skater hair green eyes,that gets a fuked up haircut and will now look like a rat mixture with a piccock.
3)The wierdo that texts you every day till FUKIN 4am IN the morning.

4)a perv that only wants sex.
5) another way to say chocolate:)
1)I hate micheal he did an austin to me a MILLION times :'(.
2)Omfg brian got an austin!!!!:O....that dommass.
3) austins wont let me sleep.FUKIN WIERDOS.
4)girl:hey maria i herd ur boifriend is an austin.
maria:ohhh HAIIL FUKIN NO.
girl:hmh its true.
5)I was all up last night having me some austin.
by @shanedawsonhugger;) May 01, 2011
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noun; adjective; verb.
noun: a very handsome man; a very cute man; a fun loving guy; a genuine ladies man; a funny guy; a guy with many talents; a guy with an average but satisfying penis; a guy who can, even when your angry, cheer you up; A sweet guy; a straight guy; a deep guy; a guy who is amazing in bed; a guy who can be an asshole sometimes; a guy who normally does stupid things; A phenomenal kisser;

adjective: being funny; being sweet; being straight; not being able to jump high; being stupid; being charming;

verb: running fast; masturbating slow; jumping low; sweet talking; telling jokes; acting like an ass; eating; pooping; having sex;
"God, Austin you were so good in bed last night!"

"Yeah he was really austin to me."

"Woah, look at the boy austin."
by The medics symbols July 30, 2008
extremely hot dude that is really hot and you can't not stand to look at.
Austin come here my baby cakes!!!
by bitch hoe March 15, 2008
A very sweet boy, that will make you happy even when you're sad. An AHHMAZING kisser. Once you meet him, you'll never want to forget him.. When he's gone, you will realize that more than have of your heart is missing.. (: He is very smart and capable of doing something with his life ! He's not afraid to be himself <3
"ohmydudee !!!! that austin has got me SPRUNGG.." "AWW you're adorable,, must be an austin !!" (:
by zilly2244 May 05, 2011
a very cute guy!
he is fun loving
a genuine ladies man
a guy with many talents!
a guy who is amazing in bed!!
huge and satisfying penis
a guy who can cheer you up even when your angry
A sweet guy
is always straight up with you
he can be an asshole sometimes, but when he wants to be
...... he can be sooo sweet!
has his moods..
a guy who normally does stupid things
the most amazing kisser!!
very funny guy
Dang.....it's Austin..
by Dang... November 03, 2009
A Man with a Really big Dick that penetrates hoes like nothin.
Dude that chick got Austin so hard she had to be put in a wheel chair
by aguidry August 14, 2008
someone who will be himself and not give a shit what others say, expresses his mind, dresses how he wants, but at the same time he can be sweet and caring.
person 1: dude, austin is so cool, but kinda mean
person 2: nah man he's actually really cool and nice
by sergfdbdfhbdfsvd July 25, 2009
An amazing boy that makes my heart pound everytime I see him. I don't love him, but I miss him, I wish we had another chance. Btw, austin's cock is huge.
The only thing better than spending time with him is messing with his cock, I love austin.
by iwillalwaysloveyouaustin March 11, 2009

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