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Beautiful, smart, different and badass. Unique. An old german word that means "lucky"

Often confused with the name Audrey, which is a very true story.
That Audris sure is wonderful.
by Foreverisjustaword July 07, 2010
28 5
A girl that is gorgeous and appears to the unknowing eye as nice and sweet. But really, she is STILL gorgeous but a closet Pokemon fan that is filled with inner evil. She is secretly loves internet memes and hates other girls. Although some mistake her as lesbian, because she hates having "girl moments" or other moments that show her girlyness, she is straight and is actually a very mushy person. All in all. She is great, when you're on her good side. Physically, she has a beautiful face and average body with pretty hair and great style.
That girl is beautiful! She must be an Audri.
by ellemenopy December 30, 2011
39 17
A plant that is uncommonly grown in the ruins of Greenland. When dried out, and ground into a powder, it is commonly mistaken for LSD. However, Audri is much more powerful and has side effect similar to Extacy.

Audri is also slang that is related to something that is amazing beyond belief.
That concert was so Audri.

You are so Audri in bed.
by RayChill March 17, 2007
46 29
Pimplicious. tyte. not white (hahaha) a ms.broughton hata (yea i said it)drumline representa what what represent '08 '08 dont hate
Audri is sooooo pimp.
Audri hates ms.broughton.
Audri hates ms.broughton and so does da drumline.
by Audri April 28, 2005
14 64