Typically someone of South Korean and American decent. Out-going yet reserved. This is the type of person who will twist your neck and kill you if you get her way. You will meet very few in your life, and those very few should be treasured.
Dude, that girl over there is an Audra I think.

Really dude?

Yeah, bro, she'll totally kill if you look at her wrong.

That's crazy bro, lets go play some Game Cube.
by A man of the upper nature November 01, 2009
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1) from lithuanian; translates into English as "storm" - as in gale, hurricane or tempest ie. a violent windstorm, esp. one with rain, hail or snow.

2) a woman capable of calming or creating fury with her presence; she leaves with as little warning as she arrives. known for being mysterious, often violent, and loud in bed.
person 1: man, that audra last night kept me up.
roommate: yeah that sh*t was loud. I couldnt sleep cause of it!


person 1: man, that Audra kept me UP all night!
roommate: yeah that b*tch was loud I couldnt sleep cause of ya'll!
by kapo fiko August 24, 2008
In French, the name Audra means- Nobility; strength...

French Name Meaning - Nobility; strength.
Origin - French
Alternate Origins - Latvian English
Audra's a good woman! She's strong and noble...

Oh, the thing about being loud in the bedroom is true!
by sheherazz November 30, 2010
Also known as Laine, this girl is currently married to the coolest guy in the world...... she is known to be extremely clumsy, what you call a clutz.
Oh wow, haha you just fell and pulled an Audra!
by CallmeWags November 22, 2010
the useless medical waste resulting from a full hysterectomy
This cat lady I'm arguing with on Facebook is nothing but an audra.
by JDMay March 26, 2013
The hottest blonde hair, blue eyed woman in Brighton, CO you will ever see....

HOTTT~ (3 T's, Oh ya!)


Fun to drink with....
"That girl Audra is frickin B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!"

"That girl is HOTTT~" There's 3 T's on that one!
by 1SexyB January 28, 2008
Ugly, mean, bitchy, obnoxious, rude, and incinerate.

Usually they are mean girls who pretend to be nice, but are waiting for when you are at your weakest point and just steal everything.

examples.) boyfriend, friends, clothes, everything
Girl 1: That girl pulled a huge Audra on me!

Girl 2: Audras are the worst cause they think they are loved, when we all secretly hate on them! They are bitches, sorry you had to go through with that.


Girl 1: I can't believe she did that, thats such a Audra move!

Girl 2: IKR! No one should do that, especially bitches like her.
by thetruth1919191191 March 08, 2011

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