amazingly sexy star from degrassi.
andrea lewis is one lucky girl, she went out with aubrey graham.
by =) November 10, 2004
Top Definition
The cutest and most suave dude on Degrassi. Always fly and always cool.
Usher, Taye Diggs, LL Cool J.
by Danielle April 19, 2005
The hottest person to ever walk planet Earth! He's also the star of Degrassi!
Call me Aubrey! I'd suck!
by Lisa February 09, 2005
Soon to be a world reknown rapper, under the alias "Drake"(his middle name), he's the only person on Degrassi with undeniable sex appeal. He has a swag like no other nigga and raps only the truth about his life.
(True story) Aubrey Graham once told his friend on myspace about how a girl gave him head right on the spot. That was the luckiest bitch to ever live!
by Sucks Dick April 12, 2007
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