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an exotic,sensual,stunning young woman that often has a young man of complimentary attractiveness on her arm.
"Did you see that girl, she was fucking gorgeous, a definate Aubree."
by jake007 January 17, 2009
Your friend that always has your back. She's super funny and has a unique personallity. She's the one you want to be like.
Ex. Damn look at Aubree I wish I could be like her.
by peacemonky June 19, 2009
1. Just as cool if not better then Aubrey, except spelled correctly! Aubrey is the male spelling for Aubree and this way is the female!
2. Also mean "elf ruler"
3. Band bread spelled Aubree incorrectly as well
...and Aubree was her name.
...and Aubrey was his name
by aubiee January 08, 2009
very very lesbian, queen of the elves, short, nerdy, ginger, but a very good friend to have in many situations.
phillip- yo aubree how u doin
aubree- dude what the frick back off
by flamingturtle May 19, 2016
what nick named his penis
man my girlfriend loves aubree
by jeff marb January 07, 2008
Aubree is Japanimation. It is creepy. Aubree smells like roast beef. If Aubree could do Britney Spears in any place, it would be her bottom. I like Aubrees.
"I have an Aubree in my panties!?"
by Karissa December 15, 2003
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