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Indian name given to cute spoiled little boys with devilish powers.

More a screwdriver than a hammer, but well, how he MAKES IT ALL WORK, dude – hats off.
"Could you hand me that bit of atul on the right ? ...Yes, with batteries please. "
by picapicapica February 06, 2010
Used to describe a person who can do anything, often in mysterious and seemingly magical ways.
"Look at him!! He seems to be a born atul"
"Ever since he met god, he has become an atul"
by masterrr September 04, 2006
Name given to energetic boys with an unhealthy obsession of Kpop music. Unfortunately, people with this name are the victims of many puns.
1. 'He loves that Korean music. He's such an Atul!'
by milatheboss October 16, 2015
An Indian name which means A Tool. This word is quite interesting because it also sounds like A Tool.
-Hi, im bhatnagha, what's your name?
-Hi, buttnigga, I'm Atul (pronounced A Tool)
-LOL you're a tool
-at least im not a hammer
by asdgasfhahhsasdgadsg November 10, 2009
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