some ignorant douche who claims to base their lack of faith on logic but is actually just places way too much importance on themselves to admit that anything could possibly be anything higher then them in the spectrum of things. They say that they dont beleive in God in any form because there is no proof. But they are too blinded {or stupid} to see all of the proof around them. LIFE is proof enough that God exists. Nature is responsible for the creation and evolution of the universe, but isn't it possible that God began nature and just let it run? Ever think about that? They often become defensive when the cant think of anything to say after being proven wrong, to no avail usually.
Atheist: haha! you believe in a supernatural being!!!

Normal person: then explain how the universe began.

Atheist: easy, the big bang.

Normal Person: ok, and what started that?

Atheist: ....well...a meteor?

Normal Person: riiiiiiight.....

Atheist: well...uh...YOUR STUPID!!!

Normal Person: whatever dumbass...
by Chubbzz April 19, 2007
1.A rich self-centered person who does worship someone.... Who is it? THE GOD OF SCIENCE.

2. Someone who celebrates Christmas yet says they don't believe in god
3. Some one who has faith in the absence of faithlessness
4. A fanatic
They have faith.... in the nonexistance of God
" I'm an atheist, I got a car for christmas now I'm going to go to my science homework"!
by Sone911 April 09, 2007
One who won't go to the trouble to investigate that which is easily understandable when thoroughly researched and tested.
John: "Why are you an atheist?"
Justin: "I tried praying for a million dollars but never got it!"
John: "That's not the way it works - Read the scriptures and learn."
Justin: Awww... I don't have time for that crap! Besides, I'm reading 'The Da Vinci Code'!
by Harkup December 21, 2006
Someone who says with their mouth that they have no god, but with their actions and attitude they worship themselves and thinks that anyone who disagrees is a complete moron.
Altough athiests love to shove the fact that "athiest" technically means without any god, the fact of the matter is that atheist worship themselves.
by D-Shiznit November 16, 2006
A term which in itself is a paradox, because no such thing as an atheist. (To say there is no God you are claiming to know every little thing about the universe, so that you are claiming to be God) It is though, the name given to a group of self-righteous, haughty, science-destroying, liberal, monkey-worshiping jackasses who claim there is no God. They are religious nuts bent on forcing their RELIGION down everyone else's throats. (Don't tell me Atheism isn't a religion. You are putting your faith in a magical explosion which defies about every law of physics there is to occur. Also, a=no the=God ism=belief. The BELIEF or RELIGION that there is no God.) They typically like to think that their "science" makes them smarter than everyone else, when in actuality all of the "science" they have to offer is complete horse shit. They are trying to overtake the world, making them no better than the Communists or the Nazis. They are also known as "liberals", "free-thinkers", "non-theists", and "flat-earthers". (The last name was coined to them because their set of beliefs is against science). I'm not trying to prove my religion, which I am not sharing. I am trying to show the general public the light on these monsters. I know there are some that don't nark on religion all the time, I have friends like that and they are awesome, but it takes one drop of kerosene to ruin a whole bowl of cereal.
Flat-Earther: Because I am an Atheist, I am far more intellectually developed than you. I will deny the laws of thermodynamics to the end, but I am still more scientific than you. Now bow to my religion or else you will be charged for a hate crime.
by Laceration June 04, 2009
atheists by majority are spoiled white people with jobs-also homosexual as this is great venue to attack church
give a human being too much in shelter food and no responsibility and just maybe their arrogance grows to such a point they dont believe in anyone above them as they transform into a scumbag atheists
by solomon sami azar January 26, 2010
A person who has choosen to reject a faith in a higher power and believes there is nothing beyond what we see. Probably has not even read the Bible or any other religious text.
-Many attempt to replace religion with science, worshipping elitist bigots like Richard Dawkins.
-Often fearful of the possibility they could be judged.
-Many whiny emo teenagers rejected by society and wanting to "stick it too the man" and looking for a group to embrace them.
-Advocated by self-righteous hypocrits and bigots with no understanding of history.
-Ignore the hypocricy of their beliefs. They claim that theists are foolish to believe in a higher power yet insist their unsupported belief that all of this just happened due to chance and there is nothing beyond this life is logical.
"If there were no God there would be no atheists." - G. K. Chesterton
"Atheism is a crutch for those who cannot bear the reality of God." - Tom Stoppard
by TheShade111 September 15, 2008

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