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A person who does not believe that a "god" or supreme being exists. And, although often forgotten, this does include not beliving Satan, also. So, no, we're not Gothic; we just don't have a preference. Some Atheist people may sound arrogant to you, but it is just that they are having trouble understanding why you belive in god, and you are having trouble understanding they don't. They usually don't make a big deal of it, unless you offend them just because you belive otherwise. This is not to be confused with being agnostic, which is a person who is not sure whether a supreme being exists or not.
---anonymous(coming from someone who is Atheist--not some person who is offended by them w/ their dumb definition...)
2=person w/ religion

1: hey, what's up?

2: nothing, hey, want to start coming to church with me

1:nah, i'm not one of the church type...

2: why not??

1: b/c i'm atheist

2:omg, ur atheist?? i have to take you to church and have you saved and sprinkle holy water all over you!!

1: ouch!! let go of me!
by anonymous411 March 31, 2006

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