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The great god of nonexistence. As she is quite cranky and irrational, athiests pray to her, asking her not to exist. Non-athiests commonly point out that Athe cannot be prayed to, as she is nonexistent. The answer to this is, of course, is that Athe has a reason for everything and you should not question it.
"Athe gives her thanks, child...or she would, if she existed..."
by YumClock December 23, 2008
55 7
The state or acknowledgement of existence without deities or without belief in deities. Alternatively, it directly refers to those who actively or passively disbelieve in deities.

Origin: Greece, 1565–75; áthe(os): godless
He's a bit too athe to be electable for president in the US.
by Volta March 27, 2008
3 16