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Suave and/or smooth, charming and confident.
Dude is mad atchley, all the bitches love him.
by Catch203 February 03, 2015
British 18th Century from atcherly:- Dashing, Fashionable, Regal. From a region of habidasherers known fo Bespoke masculine attire.
He arrived in attire of true atchley so fine all in attendance took notice.
by Matchit March 16, 2015
A bucket of semen used for acne purposes.
Jacob dipped his hands in the Atchley to cleanse his face
by hidentsh May 29, 2011
Is the right kind of mean and right kind nice. Extremely smart but with her dumb but adorable moments. She is a take control kind of girl and can see those for who they are and can be. So beautiful tha it could cause some to cry at sometime.
That girl is so atchley today i can't stand it.
by whylietruth April 18, 2010
White Guy who can be a jerk to everyone even though he's a nerd. He often likes to play around with girls (and maybe some guys) and thinks he's some gift from god to to the world.
Did you see that guy? He's acting like such an Atchley. Why does he have to play me like that? He's such a jerk.
by Homie_G December 20, 2009

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