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An experience or idea, often of an illuminating subject, that is usually shared with immediate friends, connecting them in some mutual manner. Can be used as a noun or verb.
I had an astral with Anna about what we were going to plan for Cheyenne's birthday.

We astraled together.
by Jonathan HL July 27, 2006
Astral Entity JOsh .An arrogant ass bastard that talks so much shit and thinks hes so cool cause he can beat people in t1. HES REALLY SEXY AND HAS A MASSIVE WEINER TO =)
Man wtf you just stomped my ass in some t1 and made fun of me tell i cried irl , FUCK YOU ASTRAL ENTITY JOSH you sexy guy you
by Kaily_Chan July 12, 2004
Cute, sweet female who is occasionally overcome by bursts of anger which make everyone in a 10 mile radius spontaneously combust.
Astral hugged the cute kitty and cute puppy... then pushed S. down the stairs!
by Bob July 14, 2003
1. Astral Entity Josh, also known as Ashtray Entity Josh and Anal Entity Josh. An arrogant dick with an ego to match. One of the best bashers in Yahoo! Chat next to Tom Beoulve that is. Hahaha

2. Relating to a supersensible body believed by theosophists to coexist with and survive the death of the human physical body
"Man, you just owned my desk bitch ass! That's some mean Astral Joshness there. I think I'll go cry."
by Breakable Thread July 14, 2004
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