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Astin is a cute charming boy who would most likely be your crush but never will be your boyfriend. He would be your absolute good friend, and always will be able to help you work through your problems. He is too much of a sweetheart and nice guy. But don't mess with an Astin, he will get pissed. Astins are usually short, chubby and but cute. He is someone you can copy math homework off of before class, and he will be the shy kid until you become his friend.
Lauren: Oh my gosh, Astin's such a cutie!
Janice: You'll never get him to be you're boyfriend, he's too shy to ask you out!
Lauren: *sigh*
by melanie30293 May 29, 2013
one funky fresh girl
She's a real astin
by A girl January 18, 2004
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