Mike...see dipshit, gaywad, dumbass, fuck up, hormonal shitwad...etc.

its saying i dont have enough letters or something so afiuhsoeruhriuhagsdgf
Mike is an asswad! A fucking asswad is mike!!!!!!
by WiLd4U29620 March 31, 2005
Top Definition
Variation of Asshole. Origin: A Wad of Recently used Toilet Paper.
"You're such an Asswad Jerry!"
by Hazard October 23, 2003
a complete jerk
someone who shoots mouth off when not asked.
a bulge in the rear of your jeans
Look at Jack,he's a complete asswad.
by Mr Lee December 20, 2006
when you poop and your not done yet and you push and push to get it out so you can be done but it doesnt happen
my ass wad is killin me
by cherry February 26, 2003
Function: Noun, A mass of semen, and perhaps feces, that has been or will be discharged from the anus of a person after anal sex. "
The hooker left an asswad on my nightstand.
Tim is an asswad.
by blowhole138 November 09, 2007
1. Whatever son of a bitch sets their coffee too close to mine (or yours) on the table, thus confusing me (or you) about which coffee is mine, as I have not had my quota of caffiene for the day yet. Forcing me to go buy another cup of coffee, which at 4 bucks a cup just plain pisses me off.
2. A stupid person beyond all hope of gaining any intellegence what so ever.
Some ASSWAD put thier coffee to close to mine, I'd love to bitch slap them silly.
by S8-10 August 08, 2006
1. A wad of ass.
2. A particularly unsavory character.
David wont lend me a dollar, what an asswad.
by Tempyst January 20, 2003
A synonym for "butdorf". meaning a complete tool who has a significantly smaller penis than anyone he knows.
Guy#1- "Did you see that guy with the tiny penis"

Guy# 2- "You mean butdorf?"

Guy# 1- " No the asswad!"

Guy# 2- " Same thing!!"
by Jake!!!!!! June 27, 2011

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