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The wispy longhorn likeness on the lower back, just above the holy alter formed by the fleshy mounds on which a person sits. Used to attract anal attention for buttsex or other orificial penetration by means of visual attraction and/or deception.
ink tat ass lower back
Dat assrack was so hot I just had to tap dat bitch! Dat bitch has such a hella big bumper dat she got stretch marks in her assrack! Her assrack was hot, but she was not, so I split on the spot!
by r.s.Reeves February 17, 2008
The antler-like tattoo found on the sacral area of certain hopefully hot women, usually exposed when they bend over wearing low rise pants. Implies future consentual boning. See trampstamp and backrack.
I tapped dat ho wit da assrack while listening to 50 Cent. Yo!
by r.s.Reeves February 16, 2008
A word used to describe a woman's large breasts while in a low cut top that makes them resemble a plumber's crack.
Her ass rack was so big that I got confused with which end I was looking at.
by pious pig January 05, 2010