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When you plant your ass on different kind of things with purpose as a trick.

The origin came from skateboardings all accidents when you fell on the ass, and the word assplant came upp naturally. Then it became a thing to jump around and "plant the ass" on different kinds of thing.
For example plant you ass on the roof of a car by jumping up and sit on it.
Or if you accidentally fell, you can say you made a assplant.
by Emeni July 21, 2010
Implants of the gluteus maximus.
Man A: Nicki Minaj is so hot. Just look at that ass!
Man B: Dude, those are assplants.
by YourMom212121 June 11, 2012
An Assplant is half Ass and half a Plant, Gentically modified by a crazy irish man who accidentally sat his ass on a plant, enjoyed it for 30 seconds (Or more) and then hinted at this experience during a Skype conversation (Witnesses: Alex, Zoey, Maggie who will all confirm this occurance)

Although the exact form of an assplant has not been confirmed yet, we can take this hint as all the evidence we need for the existence of the assplant (Even though the crazy irish man was drunk at the time)

This can be used as an insult, "You're an assplant!" reffering to someone who sits on plants and enjoys the experience, certain clubs of "Assplanters" have formed in several country towns in Ireland.
"You just got assplanted!"

"You're an assplant!"

"That guy over there, he likes to assplant!"
by Alex Philpott April 01, 2006
It's for the unfortunate girls and boys who were born without asses. Through this new discovery, we've been able to give those unfortunate people lots o ass.
Unfortunate young gay man, "I have had problems since I've been a child, for my lack of ass. Is there anything you could do to help?"

Assplant grower, "Why yes, it's your lucky day. Now, with Assplant, you can get an incredible ass with only a couple minor implants!"
by Pallapooha April 07, 2007
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