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Milk that is poured into someones ass and then drank through a straw inserted into said persons anus. This usually requires a funnel and some helpers.
assmilk.avi gives a whole new meaning to milkshakes!
by wormwood@efnet November 29, 2004
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n.) The product of successful butt sex, usually tied to homosexual intercourse.
"I'm hot, lets go make ass milk."

*Also viewed on the liscence plate at the gay DMV on the recap. episode of Chapelle's Show.
by Antonio April 20, 2004
Ejectulation of semen inside the anal cavity.

Term usually given to homosexuals, engaging in sex.

Semen belonging to a homosexual.
Hey lance, my ass is thirsty. Could I have some of your ass milk?

Jerry has ass milk leaking down his legs.

Sorry, dude- I'm not looking for ass milk.
by Sabertooth nigga November 30, 2004
the cum that drools outta your ass after a long hard night of butt-fucking
damn, that fag just farted up a whole lotta assmilk!
by Issa Whore March 04, 2003
the definition itself was actually created by a lost and now famous video of one guy and two girls putting a funnel in one girl's ass and pouring milk into it. the other girl then uses a straw and drinks the milk out of the other girl's ass. this video was around during the mid to late 90s and has since been lost. a lucky few may still have this video in their archive.
what is that a mudslide? no it's assmilk.
by grindking October 10, 2007
1. milk produced from within a donkey or ass
2. an insult used by a person with a high-vocabulary and a voice of formality.
Fen Fu Hong Hua: Ouuu, fresh ass milk? I wanna try. I heard that it's thicker and creamier than boring regular cow milk.
2. Kewin: Fine. I'm tired from all the explanations I've been giving out to try to soften your incompetence.
Girlfriend named Ami: how can u divide 2 wholes into 3 equal parts
by C0ok3Y_S13Nd3R June 29, 2015
The white substance that is left inside AJ's asshole after a long hot night of gay butt sex with his partner in gay crime Chris.
AJ: Dude look at all of the ass milk dripping from my butthole!

Chris:WOW! I blew a big one in there! You must be hurting!
by 9+6876+54165415 August 19, 2008

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