To give someone sexual pleasure by fingering them up the ass.
Girl 1: Before I gave my BF anal I made sure to show him what it feels like.

Girl 2: You gave him an assjob?

Girl 1: Yeah.
by Marine2012 December 03, 2008
Top Definition
Similar to a handjob, except the difference is that the person is jacking you off with their ass crack.
i got an assjob from that one chick at the carnival.
by buhdur July 27, 2004
When a girl lubes up a guys cock and gently grinds her ass cheeks on and gets him off. That or he lays his cock between her ass cheeks and strokes away without penetration.
Stacy has such a soft sexy ass. I love it when she lets me lube it up and lay my cock between those cheeks and grind on it for a great ass job.
by baadbaaadman August 12, 2008
when somebody sticks an object up your butt. it could be a tongue(rim job), finger, thumb, fist, dildo, vibrater, hamster, lava lamp, beer bottle, dick, anything will do.
torrez and ray love it when they get ass jobs...the more stuff you shove up there, the more they moan.
by Jodi Myers March 10, 2003
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