to extensively abuse one with the bare ass of the assailant, therefore causing the victim to endure the true effect of incomprehensible disrespect
A mega assination took place when Nick's entire ass engulfed the whole face of the unsuspecting Matt.
by Andrew T. Word August 04, 2005
Top Definition
The sporting of or having a great butt.
Student: Dang! Did you just see her?
Teacher: Hell yeah I did, she had assination going on down there.
Student: True dat.

McP: She was equipped with mad assination.
Student T: *looks over* DAYUM! Nice snipe, you assassinated that thing.
McP: That thing is on FIAR!!!!!
by 30 dollar million Tim October 04, 2010
The art of mass-mooning a major political figure to make a point; a form of protest.
Lee Harvey Oswald: Let's go use assination on Kennedy!
John: Yeah! That'll show him!
Jack: I concur! Showing him our asses will certainly get him to change his policy!

John: Alright! Let's go find more people to moon him!
Oswald: That's not what I meant...
by The Sciamancer December 28, 2009
"...assination is what happens when you misspell a word, and you feel like an ass".

derived from the word "assassination" when ones mother types to fast.
So did they do the assination topic today? Would have been timely if they had-- seeing as bin Laden was just assasinated.
Jeez, I feel like an ass.
by MynteFox May 02, 2011
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