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To be an asshole or the embodyment of being an asshole. Of or pertasining to being an asshole.

Can also be used as:
Holier than thou? More like assholier than thou.
Asolutely, your assholiness!
He is by all means, the assholiest person I've met!
I may be an asshole, but i'm not that assholy!
by Keeper of the Light December 11, 2003
Adj. Using your religious beliefs to justify your jackassery. See homophobia.
Sam: I don't support homosexuality because of that one verse in Leviticus and it goes against my beliefs.
Christy: No, it actually just makes you uncomfortable. Stop being assholy, Sam.
by Esme Bancroft May 18, 2013
something someone does which is not cool at all
he didnt even tell you dude that soo assholy of him.
by sillychild March 26, 2010
From the root words "asshole" and "holy".

1. A mocking gesture to someone who thinks they are better than others.

2. A priest kink.
1. "Dee was being extra assholy today."

2. "Cassie gets off on reading Assholy."
by forsakensyke October 15, 2008
when someone is being an asshole but their butt is just breathtaking
bruh i mean he was cute or whatever but his deposition was straight up assholy.
by volcanicjanet June 16, 2015
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