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To be an asshole or the embodyment of being an asshole. Of or pertasining to being an asshole.

Can also be used as:
Holier than thou? More like assholier than thou.
Asolutely, your assholiness!
He is by all means, the assholiest person I've met!
I may be an asshole, but i'm not that assholy!
by Keeper of the Light December 11, 2003
17 5
Adj. Using your religious beliefs to justify your jackassery. See homophobia.
Sam: I don't support homosexuality because of that one verse in Leviticus and it goes against my beliefs.
Christy: No, it actually just makes you uncomfortable. Stop being assholy, Sam.
by Esme Bancroft May 18, 2013
6 0
something someone does which is not cool at all
he didnt even tell you dude that soo assholy of him.
by sillychild March 26, 2010
5 1
From the root words "asshole" and "holy".

1. A mocking gesture to someone who thinks they are better than others.

2. A priest kink.
1. "Dee was being extra assholy today."

2. "Cassie gets off on reading Assholy."
by forsakensyke October 15, 2008
4 1