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One that has literally gone off the handle and has not come to reality yet will intrude on any valued righteous individual with sputters and spurs. Meaningless empty words of instances beyond an existing aspect of what is being put upfront. The sound of one outshitting themself with every aspect that is handled improperly; notions being disperted out of the head straight to the ass instead.
We only hear the asschime and just dont see, all the while they tilt the face and look deranged. They are unable to conciously make an effort to live freely as they try to make with a wary sitaution with complete lack of devotions, pride or interest.
by europopian April 21, 2009
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non stop shit talk out of mouth, or ass..
She had some asschime as I see swearing about that mans filthy jacket.
by europopian July 30, 2009
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EX. Yo when i fucked Jamie last night my neighbor said he heard the ass chimes
by Dan Relanger April 23, 2009
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When someone goes to an extreme unawareness, incapable of knowing how and when to shut up.

Bother people by exercise, what said, if one thinks one can't shut the crazy mouth.

Asschime started with women in the Rh1+ chromosome who could not endure the physical capabilities of having offspring . In dispare, they needed to occupy themselves and have a living system of entertainment or embeleshments. More they talked, stupid they got and big messes were made. This took up their life.... and no one has any idea where it comes from.. There is never proof of their system.

Men seem to enjoy asschime when they are not medicated..... or have people to babysit and teach them.. These men can be placed in group home settings, that would much suit them, or find a group of friends that will take care of his ass-chime.. when need be, with alternative drugs... These populations have mostly picked up and left to a land called, Assholia. The delusions and fantasies created by the army of male counterparts of the female counterparts.... have made a new army of asschimers and asschime victims, or groupasses.... who have made a new civilization in the land called Assholia... Most members who can't asschime a lot, but attend to the asschime are called assholes or jackasses.. The jackasses like to play with the asschime of the asschimers.. The assholes babysit the asschimers.

All is well in the world of asschiming.. in assholia...
Someone deleted my first asschime and made it into something sexual, so fuck off.

Asschime is just odd because it doesn't always happen unless this person is on something... or delusional... Sound of an ass chiming away.... in a waste of time.
Breaks up the time when you have nothing really to do and you're right about to do. It gets you, up in the moment, by this asschime that doesn't shut up. Chime doesn't even make sense... No significance.

I've had enough of your extensive asschime, shut the fuck up.

Please don't put any embellishments to your conversation with grandma, no one wants to hear your asschime.
by what the fuck seriously January 11, 2015
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