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Derived from the Arabic language meaning Lion.
The father named his son Asad because he thought his son would grow up to become as brave as a lion.
by Dr. Nema December 31, 2004
An extremely attractive man with an amazing body, the word "Asad" is derived from Arabic meaning, "Lion." Asad is extraordinarily powerful but also very kind and forgiving. Asad always looks out for other people and is there for one's protection and guidance.
I wish Asad was here to protect me from these bullies.
by Negrito40 July 08, 2009
A genuinely nice guy. The name 'Asad' is derived from Arabic for a lion. Not unlike a lion, Asads are always the leaders with their charismatic and diplomatic charms. Asads are amazing lovers and incredibly loyal friends. Strong, proud, and courageous.
'He is super brave. What an Asad!"
by KrazyDude March 12, 2013
A famous urdu poet of the mughal era.
Asad called himself ghalib
by AsadZero2 December 11, 2010
1.A very attractive good looking person with style and fashion he is very clever and smart 2. Another meaning of a big strong lion who is fearless
asad is the best and attractive

Asad spreads joy and love
by dr urba November 29, 2014
A relatively cool guy. Asad's are usually players, they are super slick, and extremely handsome. Asad is derived from the Arabic word meaning lion. Asad's always have plenty of swag. They are usually rich and they get all the girls. They host late night parties often and get laid, high, and drunk often. Asad's are extremely brave . Asad's are also amazingly talented in many things such as basketball, football, and other sports. They are great fighters due to there amazing body and are very buff and strong.
Dude, look at the guy on your right.
Woah, he's a player
He's not just a player, he's an Asad
by lilpricy January 04, 2014

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