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While performing a 69, you take a break. During the break you light a cigarette and use the girl's asshole as an ashtray.
I was about to eat this girl's ass, but some guy already gave her the ass-tray! I don't know about you guys, but cached shit just ain't my style.
by The Dirty Peso March 27, 2009
during doggy style sex, smoke a cigarette. when finished, extinguish the burning end in the anus.
dude, my girl pissed me off last night, so when i was cracking her i had to pull an Asstray.
by Mailbox Agent S January 27, 2008
When someone has an ass that protrudes so far from their body that it forms a flat surface on which a tray can be placed.
I was getting tired of holding everything while waiting in line at Walmart, luckily the woman in front of me had a large enough ass tray for me to put everything on.
by cheeseydude190 April 21, 2010
Noun: Derived from the word "ash tray". What you smell like after spending the night in a smokey bar.
Mang, I my clothes smell like ass tray from the bar last night.
by The Big Hurt November 07, 2004
A sex position that has to be done properly or death may be close by.

You will need to choose a certain type of food then rub one another with the chosen food gently (chocolate for example). Then fill ones ass with the food. You may use any objects to help put the food in the ass. You can choose rather or not to eat and lick the good off of your spouse. Lay one on back and then use your fuckin imagination!!!
Aye babe lemme get that ass tray . Ass ass ass trayyyy!
by King Dick! October 22, 2015
Anything that lets you sit (chair, couch, etc.) is called asstray after you get up from it. Because the seat becomes hot after you sit on it for a long period. It is a blend of ass and ashtray (ashtray is hot as people drop the ashes of cigarettes into an ashtray).
(In a bus...)
Young man: Come ma'am. You can have my seat.
Old lady: No, thanks. I do not want my bum to get roasted by the asstray.
by Le Mao September 21, 2012
The result of a person placing there buttocks on a seat which will after result in making an ass print on the seat in a shape of a tray.
Matt: "Dude alright I'm out."

*Gets off seat*

Robert: "Dude you left an ass-tray on your seat!"
by vfx.void May 08, 2010
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